2023 rising to complexity, innovating and preparing for tomorrow

“The year 2023 will remain etched as a further testament of our resilience in an unprecedent global context. Against a backdrop of high inflation and major macroeconomic challenges, Cofidis Group demonstrated exceptional adaptability. Faced with abrupt changes, we acted with determination, which provided confirmation of the strength of our forecasts and the relevance of our strategy.

Apart from turbulence, our ability to remain true to our commitments and our values with our partners and customers, while constantly adapting our offering to their needs, reinforced our market position. The performance of Cofidis Group in 2023, against such an unstable and deteriorated backdrop, confirms the strength of our strategy to generate balanced and responsible growth.”

By Gilles Sauret

Chairman of the Board of Directors Cofidis Group

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Our financial

Gross outstandings
0 bn

+8,4% vs. 2022

Net banking income
0 bn

-1,3% vs. 2022

Net profit
0 M

-20,3% vs. 2022

Our non-financial


long-term contracts within the Group
0 %
of the Group's workforce are women
0 %
nationalities among staff
of employees
0 %

declare that Cofidis Group is a great place
to work
(Great Place to Work survey 2024)


supported in Europe


In 2023, Cofidis France adopted a methodology to calculate its carbon footprint and a transitional action plan. Work will be deployed in 2024 to all of the group’s subsidiaries.

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