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Cofidis was founded in France and then grew across Europe, based on a unique concept: online lending. It is an approach that requires constant innovation in terms of creating products and services, customer relations, and technological innovations.
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38 years

of customers putting
their trust in us

Unique expertise

For over 30 years, we have been forging customer relationships that are long-distance, but far from distant, with an approach based on proximity and trust.

Over the last 10 years, our group has moved with the times and grown responsibly by focusing on people, maintaining relationship excellence, and innovating.

Our subsidiaries share our committed vision and our values.

Strong values to serve our customers and teams


Because at the Cofidis Group, we’re focused on people. We opt for goodwill in our relationships with our customers, partners, and colleagues, based on closeness, transparency, and a positivity. Consideration nurtures relationship excellence, a value we place at the heart of our business, and one which is recognised by all our stakeholders.
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Because we believe in keeping things simple to adapt alongside a rapidly changing world, we take care to keep our organisations and processes straightforward. This allows us to be innovative with our offers and accelerate our digital transformation. We also facilitate participative and collaborative working methods for our teams, so that we can invent our future together.