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An inclusive group

Combatting exclusion is one of the priority commitments that the Cofidis Group has made to its customers, its teams, and society at large. Thanks to the active participation of our employees and many partnerships between charitable organisations and each of our subsidiaries, the group is committed, active, and a driving force.

Katia Caniot

Human Resources & Communication Director
of Cofidis Group


In the Cofidis Group, diversity is an immense human and cultural richness that contributes to the group’s success.


one of the group’s most precious assets

Diversity has always been a major group commitment. Cofidis France signed a diversity charter in 2010, designated a dedicated contact for group diversity affairs in 2012, and in 2016 appointed a dedicated contact in each of its entities for matters relating to disabilities.

To give another example, we currently have employees of 24 different nationalities working together every day at the group’s campus in France. Training sessions for managers are regularly organised to promote inclusion, collaboration, and living together harmoniously to make diversity an asset not only to the group, but to everyone.

Un groupe de personne d'âges et de nationalités différentes sont rassemblées en réunion devant un paperboard

24 nationalities

represented at the Group’s campus in France
Un groupe de jeunes gens sourient et applaudissent dans un bureau

137 work-study

program students are currently working alongside their mentors at one of the group’s four French entities.

Engaging with recent graduates

The Cofidis group focuses on students by offering many work-study, apprenticeship, internship, and summer job contracts. 160 work-study program students are currently working alongside their mentors at one of the group’s four French entities.

Treated as employees in their own right, they work on real-world assignments with real responsibilities and take part in many cross-departmental projects.

A strong commitment
to employees with disabilities

At Cofidis Group, employees with disabilities represent more than 100 people of the French workforce. This figure increases every year, and we continue to work towards making progress through a number of awareness-raising initiatives (escape games, participation in DuoDay, etc.) and by taking part in specialised recruitment forums.

Thanks to the DEAFI service, we are able to adapt to our deaf or hard-of-hearing customers by allowing them to talk to sign language advisors and thus easily access our offers and services. Not to mention the handisport cycling team created in 1997 and awarded numerous medals.

Une jeune femme pratique la langue des signes

More than 100 French employees

are workers with disabilities

Trois femmes sont en réunion dans un bureau

Women make up 66%

of the group’s workforce

Moving towards gender equality

Women occupy a very significant place in the Cofidis group, making up nearly 66% of our workforce. That is why the group is committed to promoting and improving gender diversity and professional equality.

Our excellent results in this regard are reflected in the gender equality indices, which are compulsory for French entities: 94/100 for Cofidis France, 93/100 for Monabanq, 99/100 for Creatis, 99/100 for Synergie.

Like Inclusion Keep Engaged (#LIKE): a participative and engaging approach

The Cofidis Group relies on its employees to propose ideas, champion them, and thereby contribute to the Group’s transformation. The initiative was launched two years ago and has been enriched by suggestions put forward by some 50 employees.

Deux collaborateurs sont en train de travailler ensemble

170 projects

launched in three years

The 5 pillars
of the #LIKE approach

The aim is to optimise our products and services to make life easier for as many people as possible. We adapt to meet the needs of people who are marginalised or facing hardship. Our collective challenge is to take people with all sorts of backgrounds and life experiences into consideration.

Since its creation, the group has implemented a human resources policy based on equal opportunities and diversity. Our aim is to reinforce this responsible approach by promoting training, employability, and fulfilment for all.
Opening the group’s doors and inviting people to meet with our employees and learn about our expertise and energy—particularly long-term job seekers—is part of our strong commitment to social and economic development.
In addition to financial partnerships with charitable organisations, we have also set up skills sponsorship programmes led by our teams on the ground. This not only strengthens our commitment to human rights, but also broadens the horizons of our employees and enables them to nurture their commitment within the group and society at large.
In order to consider not only the well-being of everyone as a whole, but also as individuals, the group pays particular attention to the needs of employees in difficult situations, whatever that may entail. In this way, the group is committed both to and through its employees.


Cofidis France signs
its diversity charter


Creation of our parasport pro cycling team
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