An innovative and
collaborative group

Cofidis made its first foray into innovation with online lending, which revolutionised the sector. Since its formation, Cofidis Group continues to keep innovation at the heart of its services and customer service excellences, thanks to the involvement of the teams and subsidiaries.

Cofidis Group: an online lending pioneer

Cofidis has developed its business throughout Europe based on this innovative concept since it was launched: online lending. This daring business model requires constant innovation, not only in terms of creating new products and services, but also fostering close relationships with customers

A few examples:

  •  1982: In 1982, Cofidis was the first consumer credit company to offer lines of credit over the phone
  •  2000: launch of online consumer credit
  •  2006 :, first online payment solution including a line of credit
  •  2009: creation of the 3xCB offer
  •  2012: secure online electronic signatures
  •  2015: DEAFI, a service to help Deaf and hard-of-hearing people make loan applications
  •  2018: automatic document recognition


international committee dedicated to data

Data, a capital raw material for innovation

We’re a data-driven Group: for us, data is necessary for both innovating and meeting the needs of our customers and partners. It’s even more important when every relationship is a long-distance one. Our data scientists analyse useful data to keep our transactions secure, get to know our customers better, and find inspiration for new products. They work with all of the company’s entities and businesses to help take the right decisions, which in turn influences Group performance.

Innovations that make life easier for our customers

All of the Group’s businesses have a passion for offering services that make life easier on our customers, fulfilling new needs and adapting to new habits. While digital technology is at the heart of our development and our innovations, this doesn’t make them any less focused on relationships and people.


Whether it’s developing a self-care application for our insurance customers during a public health crisis, launching fast credit in an ever-accelerating world or developing digital solutions for start-ups, our employees and subsidiaries work collaboratively and maintain agility, which helps us stay well ahead of the curve.


corporate committees

Corporate committees to strengthen our collective performance

So that we can continue to strengthen our shared culture of data- and customer-driven innovation, we’re establishing corporate committees to help improve our performance and share the expertise, experience and solutions developed by our subsidiaries across our various lines of business.

The Customer Experience committee, for example, is designed to revolutionise the way we interact with our customers by accelerating the skills development of subsidiaries in this field. Expert representatives from each subsidiary come together to amplify customers’ voices within their entity and the Group as a whole. External experts are also invited to spark inspiration and offer new ideas.

Previously conducted on a face-to-face basis, these committees have reinvented themselves so they can continue to thrive in this difficult time: new formats (videoconferences, webinars, etc.), shorter but more frequent meetings, and more –innovation is what we do at Cofidis!

An ecosystem
devoted to innovation

Beyond pooling our resources for innovation within the Group, we’re building an innovative ecosystem with students and start-ups to create and develop new solutions for our customers.

In France, Italy and Portugal, Cofidis is working with prestigious schools and universities by organising hackathons, visits from our professionals, open houses and suggestions for practical case studies: memorable and educational experiences for both the students and our employees!

As for start-ups, these partnerships make it possible to develop new services and technologies


retail partnerships
in France

Dynamic innovation with our retail partners

Cofidis Group is looking to build partnerships on a voluntary basis across Europe, to help distribution and e-commerce brands increase the satisfaction of our shared customer base. Cofidis Pay, the Group’s secure, made-to-measure payment solution, makes it possible to finance purchases in every sector (high tech, IT, home decor, etc.), in the multiple countries in which Cofidis operates – France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy – to make life easier for our international partners

Teams innovating
to help others

We’re creating the perfect conditions to allow our employees to suggest and devote time to ideas and projects that serve others. This is the principle behind our #LIKE initiative, and the Covid-19 crisis has amplified our teams’ ability to reinvent relationships and solidarity.

Solidarity hours grants have been launched to offer free working hours to co-workers with family obligations, or to donate the amount of hours to hospitals; employees have made their own masks, worked on secondment within voluntary groups, and more, with initiatives popping up all over Europe.

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