Our commitment to cycling

Since 1996, Cofidis has been involved in professional cycling to convey its values of performance, surpassing oneself and solidarity.

A loyal sponsor on an international scale

Cofidis is recognised as one of the oldest sponsors of French professional cycling. Since 1996, the group has chosen to support a popular sport, which allows everyone to share a great moment and whose values of solidarity and courage correspond to its own.

As an international group, Cofidis is committed in several of the countries in which it operates. In Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia, the group is a partner in major cycling events.


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A historic 2023 season

After a 2022 season that saw 19 victories for the men’s team and 1 victory for the women’s team, 2023 began with strong ambitions in a number of areas. And we can already say: what a year 2023 was!

The team has just completed one of the finest Tour de France’s in its history. As in 2004 and 2008, the Nordiste riders took two stage wins, with Victor Lafay and Ion Izagirre, and placed their leader, Guillaume Martin, in 10th place overall. It’s the reward for years of hard work, investment and effort, and it means they can look forward to the future with great enthusiasm.


A committed team fueled by solidarity

The Cofidis team has always supported associations throughout its history. 

The Anaïs Foundation works for the professional integration of people with disabilities. As part of its “À ton tour” event, the Team’s disabled sports team took part in an exceptional collective challenge: to set the world record for the longest track relay in adapted cycling. 

By joining forces with the MCES Academy project, Team Cofidis is forging an innovative partnership between cycling and gaming, becoming one of the first French teams to invest in the field of e-sports. The aim of the partnership is to encourage gamers to take up cycling, and to combat a sedentary lifestyle and the overuse of screens.

A team wearing the colours of inclusion

Through its sponsorship of professional cycling, Cofidis conveys its values of performance, surpassing oneself and solidarity. Year after year, Team Cofidis reinvents itself to go even further in defending the inclusion that is so dear to Cofidis Group. Following the creation of a disabled sports team in 2009, and a women’s team in 2022, Team Cofidis is committed to responsible and educational actions with young people and by sponsoring associations committed to combating exclusion.

That’s why the Team is committed to the organisers of Paris-Roubaix Juniors, the national race for 17/18 year-olds which helps to reveal the future professionals of the discipline. It was also an obvious choice for Cofidis, a company based in the North of France, to support a race that is emblematic of the region!

Last but not least, Cofidis is living out its values of responsibility by signing the UCI Charter for Climate Action and the Mouvement for Credible Cycling.

A caravan supported by our employees

Every year, group employees are invited to take part in the Tour de France’s big caravan, in which Cofidis is present with two floats.

For Cofidis, which only operates remotely, the advertising caravan is a wonderful opportunity to meet its customers.

They showcase the brand and go out to meet the public, to exchange ideas and distribute the brand’s goodies. An experience rich in shared emotions!


in the caravan 2023


Tour de France caravan

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