Contas Connosco: Cofidis Portugal supports its customers in budget management

COMMITMENTS Through numerous articles on topics as diverse as savings, taxes, labor law, tax regulations, he answers the concrete questions that everyone is asking. To satisfy more and more readers and offer them an improved user experience, Contas Connosco drops the blog format in 2019 and becomes a real editorial platform with an elaborate search module […]

An escape game to raise awareness of disabilities


ENGAGEMENTS It also provided an opportunity to discover and acknowledge the initiatives led by our communication network for the disabled. The escape game scooped AGEFIPH’s (French agency for disabled worker employment) “InnitiaTh’iv” favourite prize. SHARE

Cofidis Group supports COVID-19 research


COMMITMENTS The Institut Pasteur de Lille became a recognised public-interest organisation in 1898. It is a financially and legally independent private foundation working each day to ensure we live better for longer. The donation is fully in line with the social dimension of our Group CSR strategy: #Like. SHARE

Cofidis France supports the Jardin de Cocagne and the long-term unemployed


COMMITMENTS The network welcomes and provides work for the long-term unemployed. The Group’s employees are also involved in initiatives to support the long-term unemployed. For instance, they provide coaching to complete driver’s licence training and improve their public speaking skills. SHARE

A partnership with Crésus for customers in precarious circumstances


COMMITMENTS Crésus is a voluntary group dedicated to helping people who find themselves overwhelmed by debts, unpaid bills, or struggling on their own, to improve their financial situation and better manage their budget. Our teams and those of Crésus coordinate with each other as soon as the first warning signs arise in order to take […]

Teams trained in prevention and assistance


COMMITMENTS The game is led by employee-ambassadors trained by Bartholomé Masurel. The aim is to give the employees some experience and understanding of situations related to payment, insurance, and loans, within the framework of individual and collective responsibility PARTAGER

Cofidis Group: committed to tackling the health crisis


COMMITMENTS In all locations, our brands prioritised safeguarding the health of their employees whilst ensuring the continuity of essential business for our customers and partners. After a two-week period, 90% of Group employees had sufficient remote working access and employees who remained on-site benefitted from safer working conditions.The need to keep employees connected quickly led […]