une femme et un homme tiennent leurs téléphones à la main. L'homme pointe son doigt vers son propre téléphone et les deux portent leur attention sur l'écran.

A fully digital bank

Cofidis Group, the online lending expert, has gradually diversified its business and services. In 2006, it launched Monabanq, a 100% digital bank. With a unique market position and specific product ranges, this Cofidis Group bank innovates to set itself apart in an extremely competitive banking market, all in service of its customers.

A bank that’s
100% digital
and 100% accessible

Immediately upon launch, Monabanq’s position was clear: it chose to people at the heart of its decisions. In 2014, it became the first online bank to accept all customers without an income eligibility condition. It was also the first bank to make the Visa Premier card accessible without income eligibility conditions.
Femme agée assise à la table de son salon, elle regarde son téléphone en souriant


the first online bank open to everyone
Deux personnes se serrent la main

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale’s support

Thanks to the support of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, Monabanq is able to offer a full range of products, banking services and insurance. This is a plus for customers, who can use Crédit Mutuel and CIC cash machines to complete certain transactions with no fee.

Recognised customer service

Since 2018, Monabanq has been awarded ‘Customer Service of the Year’, demonstrating that its close customer relationships set it apart not only from other online banks, but also traditional ones.

4 years

in a row of ‘Customer Service of the Year’

A bank that’s committed

Monabanq decided to partner up with the non-profit SOS Villages d’Enfants, helping children in need and allowing its customers to do so as well. It also launched ‘Green by Monabanq’, a free programme that any customer can sign up for to learn more about and to help reduce their carbon footprint.
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