Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment is a key challenge for Cofidis Group. With the ambitious objective of reducing its carbon footprint by 30% by 2025, the Group is getting its teams involved in becoming true agents of change through the #LikeMyPlanet challenge.


of employees say they are concerned about the environment.

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#LikeMyPlanet: a group-wide challenge so we can take action together

It is our firm belief that the success of our CSR policy will only come through the widespread involvement of our teams. Protecting the environment is an objective that’s close to their hearts and which we all wish to stand up for.

This is why we launched the #LikeMyPlanet programme which, following the example of the #Like initiative, supports our employees as they develop ideas for improving our environmental performance and put them into action.

Interested employees come together and learn from modules that help them make concrete progress on their projects. They then pitch their ideas to the Executive Committee and, if selected, they’re allocated time and financial resources to turn their ideas into reality, and perhaps even to roll them out to other entities.

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Challenge accepted!

The #LikeMyPlanet challenge was designed to introduce the initiative to all of our employees. Over the course of two months, it has brought together over 5,000 people and involved participants from every business and at every level within the Group. On the docket for this challenge was a quiz to test their knowledge of sustainable development, a clean-up, a climate march and group commitments to change their habits – a whole agenda of awareness-raising activities and shared efforts that inspired our teams.


of employees are delighted to participate in the challenge


reduction in our carbon footprint by 2025

Leveraging our capacity to foster progress

In addition to this collaborative approach, Cofidis Group is working with its subsidiaries to contribute to the energy and ecological transition. This has included installing solar panels on its buildings in Belgium, operating in energy-efficient premises in Portugal and Spain, systematically using recycled paper and banning plastic cups. We’re also working to promote and protect biodiversity on our French campus: its field of bee-friendly flowers is designed to encourage hives of bees to make the site their home.

Providing our customers with information about their carbon footprint

The Monabanq Green programme provides customers with a quarterly estimate of their carbon footprint by analysing their spending habits using their bank statements, all free of charge for those who opt in. Calculations are based on publicly available data from ADEME* and come with the organisation’s advice on how to improve. This service is indispensable for anyone looking to change their consumer habits to help protect the planet.

*ADEME (The French Agency for Ecological Transition)

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