Cofidis Group forests thanks to employees!

One year after the launch of #LikeMyPlanet, the Group's environmental initiative, Cofidis Group's employees have responded by getting involved in a challenge to benefit reforestation from 13 to 17 September 2021.

At the end of the week, 5,249 trees will be planted next spring in the vicinity of the Group’s 12 subsidiaries in Europe. This is a concrete way for Cofidis Group to contribute to the preservation and development of carbon sinks, which complements the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions that the group makes on a daily basis.

Cofidis Group challenged its 5461 employees to walk as many steps as possible in 5 days to reforest the forests closest to its subsidiaries in Europe in partnership with Reforest’Action. Thanks to the United Heroes corporate sports application, each employee who walked 5,000 steps per day participated in the planting of a tree. But the challenge didn’t stop there! To raise awareness about changing their daily habits, employees were invited to perform eco-gestures on the themes of zero waste, seasonal products, energy savings, sustainable mobility and to participate in the second Clean Up Day organized by the Group in 2021. Each eco-gesture photographed and shared on the corporate social media was rewarded with an additional tree planting.

All of the Group’s subsidiaries played the game, with more than 125 million steps taken by employees and 259 eco-gestures carried out in just five days. Numerous responsible actions were highlighted throughout the week: workshops on making laundry detergent, stands selling local organic products, carpooling, and cleaning up mailboxes. All of these inspire employees to take simple and accessible actions that preserve the environment. World Clean Up Day was an opportunity to boost the pedometers by making themselves useful for the planet. Thanks to this mobilization, more than 5,000 trees will constitute the Cofidis Group forests next spring in 8 European countries and will offset the group’s carbon footprint by 789 tons of CO2.

Cofidis Slovakia has distinguished itself by counting the maximum number of kilometers. The subsidiary’s employees are therefore offered a half-day of awareness-raising on forest issues. At the heart of the nearest forestry project, they will be able to learn about tree planting methods, contribute to the birth or maintenance of a forest, a source of ecological services: carbon storage, preservation of biodiversity, creation of local jobs…


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