Equipe Cofidis 2022 convivialité


The new season of the Cofidis team begins!

Smiles and good humour were in the agenda at the official presentation of the Cofidis team for the 2022 season. Organised remotely for and in compliance with health measures, the event was taken place on 6th January 2021 and was streamed on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. A great opportunity to look back on 25 years of Cofidis Group's passion for cycling and to reveal the highlights of the coming season.

A very friendly digital event

In the presence of Thierry Vittu, President of the team/HRD of the group, Cédric Vasseur, General Manager and 10 of our 48 riders, the 2H live event allowed :

  • to look back on 25 years of Cofidis Group’s commitment to cycling sponsorship,
  • to take stock of the 2021 season
  • to discover the complete 2022 squad with the World Tour team, the Handisport team and the new women’s team
  • to reveal the 2022 jersey
  • to look ahead to the 2022 objectives
  • celebrate the team’s 25th anniversary together

With more than 5,000 connections to the live stream, this edition of the event lived up to the expectations of the launch of the 26th season of the Tour. Couldn’t attend?


25 years of memories, emotions and passion

Since 1997, Cofidis has been involved in cycling sponsorship. But why?

  • Because cycling conveys values of courage, surpassing oneself and team spirit;
  • Because this popular sport allows us to meet directly with the customers that Cofidis has been advising for 40 years from a distance;
  • Because Team Cofidis reflects the company’s values: commitment, inclusion, diversity and a sense of team spirit. Since 1999, we have been the first and only cycling team to create a disabled section, a team that has just completed a golden 2021 season (1 world champion title, 2 European championships and 11 French championships). In 2022, Team Cofidis is also an example of gender diversity with the creation of a women’s team that will make its debut this year.

For a group with 70% women in its workforce, this new team was a logical next step for us!

Thierry Vittu
President of Cofidis Competition and HR Director of Cofidis Group

Thus, Cofidis brings together 48 top athletes who aspire to give their best in the discipline’s iconic competitions.

25 years ago, we never imagined such an adventure. We had no idea how long our project would last, nor the countless emotions it would provoke, the moments of joy and collective effusion. We could not have predicted that Cofidis would become an essential partner in the most prestigious races on the calendar. As we enthusiastically embark on this new season, the 25th in the team’s history, Cofidis has committed to extending its commitment until 2025. As President of Cofidis Competition and HR Director of the Cofidis Group, I am particularly proud of our desire to build for the long term and thus remain a major player in French and world cycling.

Thierry Vittu
President of Cofidis Competition and HR Director of Cofidis Group


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