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7 portraits of our women in the digital world !

Committed to diversity for many years, Cofidis Group took the opportunity of the International Women's Rights Day on 8 March to honour its women employees.

This year, for the day dedicated to women, Cofidis Group gave the voice to its employees, to 7 of its digital women; women who, through the diversity and complementarity of their professions, drive innovation and develop agility at Cofidis Group. Montse, Zuzana, Martina, Ludivine, Alycia, Rita and Magali are our digital figures in our subsidiaries in Europe. They shared their missions, explained their contribution to the transformation of the group and expressed the reasons for their professional fulfilment within Cofidis Group.

All of them are as passionate as they are exciting, whether they are User Experience and Innovation Product Managers at Cofidis Spain, Credit Risk Analysts at Cofidis Italy, Conversion Managers at Cofidis Belgium, or Multimedia Advisors at Cofidis France. They all spoke with great sincerity and humility about what makes them vibrate in their day-to-day work and about their feeling of belonging to a group that gives them the freedom to express their know-how and their personality. Feel free to discover their testimonies by clicking on their portraits just below.


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