Sensibiliser pour engager pour le Zéro plastique


Raising awareness to work toward Zero Plastic

Did you know? We swallow the equivalent weight of a plastic credit card every week. Microplastics are everywhere, including in our stomachs. This is why a group of employees committed to the environment wanted to organise a conference on the subject for all Cofidis Group employees.

A striking conference to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans

A number of employees involved in Cofidis Group’s #LikeMyPlanet environmental initiative organised the visit of Yvan Bourgnon, skipper and founder of the SeaCleaners association, to the Cofidis campus in France for a conference on the protection of the oceans. The 5,500 employees of the group were invited to follow this speech, which was broadcast in all the European subsidiaries of the group. The replay is also available on YouTube for those who missed it.

Yvan Bourgnon brought his insights as an eyewitness to the degradation of the oceans. He explained how the management of plastic on land impacts the sea. He presented his NGO The SeaCleaners which fights against plastic pollution in a preventive and corrective way thanks to the Manta. It is a high-tech vessel that will be able to continuously collect and treat macro plastic waste at the mouths of major rivers and along the coastline before it sinks or disintegrates in the oceans.

The conference was supported by a photo exhibition on the impact of plastic in the oceans. Signed water bottles were distributed at the end of the conference: no more plastic cups on campus! The plastic waste generated in one day on the Cofidis Group campus in France was collected to make employees aware of the impact of their work life on the environment.

The kick-off of Cofidis Group's zero plastic commitment

With more than 300 employees from all subsidiaries connected to the live event, this meeting, which brought together people concerned about environmental issues, was the kick-off for the group’s new commitment to zero plastic. Cofidis Group intends to make zero plastic an integral part of the operations of all its subsidiaries by 2024. This will provide additional leverage to reduce the group’s carbon footprint and mobilise its employees for the planet.


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