All Cofidis Group subsidiaries are Great Place To Work certified

For the first time in history, our 12 subsidiaries have been awarded Great Place to Work® certification! This result is the fruit of our group's determination to place employees at the heart of the company's strategy and performance. Find out more in this article about why it's great to work at Cofidis Group!

Our employees put their trust in us

For over 25 years, Great Place to Work® has been a benchmark label for quality of life and working conditions. Every year, the Institute, which is present in 50 countries, rewards companies where it’s “good to work”, as well as those that innovate on a daily basis to enable their employees to feel good in their company.

Across Europe, our employees expressed their views with a participation rate of 86%. On average, 74% of responses were positive. Of particular note, 79% of our employees say they work in a company where it’s “really good to work”, compared with 74% in 2021, which represents a significant increase of 5 points in 2 years.

An award that highlights our employee experience

Our promise is simple: to welcome and support our employees throughout their career, to make it a human adventure, without any discrimination, and to constantly improve their experience. And our commitment extends to every aspect of the career path.

1. Integration, training and career development
We have put in place a number of measures to ensure the integration, progression and career development of our employees throughout their career. For example, we offer a range of training courses, internal mobility opportunities and onboarding events. Examples include the internal mobility forum in France and the CofiExperience onboarding event in Italy.

2. Cofidis campuses or buildings where it’s good to work
At Cofidis Group, we attach great importance to our employees’ experience of life, so that they can work in a welcoming and progressive environment. Since the health crisis, we have had to rethink face-to-face work in the office to better integrate new collaborative and hybrid work modes (Flex Office version), and improve the well-being of our employees with a view to improving quality of life at work.

Our aim is to guarantee our teams’ productivity by offering them the working environment best suited to their current and future professions, activities, practices, needs and expectations.

As can be seen at :

  • Cofidis France with its new building featuring a high quality of working life and optimum energy performance levels,
  • Cofidis Belgium with its Workcafé space,
  • Cofidis Portugal with its innovative new Natura Towers premises, designed with sustainability and digital transformation in mind,
  • Cofidis Slovakia and Cofidis Magyarországi Fióktelepe also inaugurated new premises,
  • Monabanq, which set up the Flex-office pilot as part of the renovation of its campus in France.

3. Useful professions
The nature of our lending and payment solutions activities confers on our Group a responsibility to its customers and to society as a whole, which each of our entities takes to heart. All our subsidiaries strive to be exemplary in terms of ethics and responsibility, because we want to contribute to a more caring society.
Our teams are committed to improving the lives of our customers, helping them to pursue their dreams, while protecting them from financial situations and risky behavior. Our greatest responsibility is to grant credit to people who can repay it. That’s why we are very careful to ask our customers to provide a number of supporting documents, depending on the type of credit they are applying for.

4. Fostering conviviality and solidarity, the cornerstones of our corporate culture.
We create strong links between our employees across Europe through convivial events such as the United Campus Festival in France, annual conventions, the Sports & Games Trophy, and so on.

We are committed to the inclusion of all.

  • We support young talent: in France with the integration of 100 young work-study students this year, in Poland with the “Cofidis First Steps” program, in the Czech Republic with Europroject university exchanges, and in Spain with the Welcome talent program.
  • We work to promote the employment of disabled people, with 133 disabled employees in France, and initiatives such as Cofidis Inclusive Week in Portugal and the European Week for the Employment of Disabled People in France.
  • Cofidis France, Creatis, Monabanq and SynerGIE have signed the LGBT+ Commitment Charter with l’Autre Cercle and the Diversity Charter.
  • At Cofidis France, we offer our employees the chance to get involved with local associations through Missions Booster.

With all this fine evidence, the Great Place To Work® certification of all our subsidiaries in 2023 testifies to our strong commitment to our employees. At Cofidis Group, we are building a corporate culture where professional excellence is harmoniously combined with individual well-being. We are proud to be more than just a company, but a true community where every voice counts, every talent flourishes, and where it’s really good to work.


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