40 ans... 40H pour booster 40 assos


40 years = 40 associations boosted

In 2022, Cofidis is celebrating its 40th anniversary. For the occasion, Cofidis France is launching a new solidarity scheme to support 40 associations in its territory: Missions Booster! The company is offering each of its 1,500 employees 3 days of volunteer work to help associations in their area i.e. 4,500 days offered to the non-profit sector. Driven by its French subsidiary, this committed approach reflects the group's desire to become a company with a mission.

What are the Missions Booster?

  • 6 half-days per month, it means 3 days per employee in the second half of 2022
  • A total of 4,500 days offered by the company
  • 40 associations in the Hauts-de-France region chosen by the employees themselves
  • Civic actions that aim to give a real boost to local associations

The 1,500 employees can invest :

  • Their arms for manual tasks,
  • Their hearts for missions involving social ties, meetings, education and awareness-raising…
  • Their heads for missions requiring technical skills or knowledge.

Create a link between the corporate world and the associative world

After asking employees to identify the associations for which they would like to boost, a Missions Booster Festival was held on campus on June 7, 8 and 9 to present the concept to employees. During these three days, the 40 selected associations were able to present themselves and unveil their first missions in order to arouse the desire to get involved among employees… At the end of this event, which was conducive to meetings and exchanges between the corporate world and the associations, as well as to the projection of our employees in these civic actions, 10 employees of the group took on the role of coordinator to match the volunteer offer of our employees with the requests of the associations.

Being useful makes you happy!

Since the launch of the operation, the employees have taken part in food collections, gone on patrols to help the homeless, harvested organic vegetables, sorted clothes, helped young people and people with disabilities find employment, created videos, updated websites…

All of them come back enriched by their experiences as collaborators and the human adventures they share. Everyone comes out of this experience stronger! This is fertile ground for planting seeds and perhaps awakening in each of us the citizen who will commit himself outside of his working hours in the future.

Winner of the Human Trophy "Organization of the future

The Missions booster system won the prize for the organization of the future at the Human Trophy ceremony of the 2022 edition of Human Day in Lille. This prize rewards innovative managerial systems related to the transformation of the company while being able to align HR and employment policies with the changes in the economy: collective intelligence, new forms of organization…


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