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A tour of Cofidis Group 2024 annual meetings in Europe

The year 2024 kicks off at Cofidis Group with the launch of our internal conventions, annual gatherings that bring our employees together around our shared values and ambitions. From the annual Experience First convention, bringing together our 5,700 employees via streaming, to kick-off events in our subsidiaries across Europe, we've started the year with 'enthusiasm, commitment and dynamism.

Convention Group Experience First

Under the name Expérience First, our annual group convention opened the ball on January 9, bringing together all our employees in an immersive streaming experience, instantly translated into 8 languages. The Executive Committee shared a retrospective of achievements in 2023, the outlook for 2024 and the new strategic plan “Ensemble Performant Solidaire” of our main shareholder, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale.

Subsidiaries' Annual Meetings

Our subsidiaries also marked the start of the year with dynamic and creative kick-off events. From collective intelligence games at Cofidis France to the back-to-school theme at Monabanq, the 25th anniversary celebration at Creatis, the Syho radio theme at SynerGIE and the Hawaii theme at Cofidis Czech Republic…Each subsidiary brought its own unique touch to these annual meetings, helping to strengthen team spirit and commitment to collectively meet our 2024 challenges.

Through quarterly get-togethers, New Year parties and meetings with all employees, our subsidiaries have strengthened team spirit and commitment to our common goals for 2024.


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