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Challenge Group #DigitalCleanupDay: a digital cleanup for a more responsible spring

To celebrate World Digital Clean-up Day, Cofidis Group organized an internal challenge from March 11 to 15. The aim of the challenge was to raise awareness among the 5,700 employees of the Group's 12 subsidiaries about digital pollution and the ecological footprint of their digital uses.

A challenge for a more responsible digital world

The #DigitalCleanupDay challenge involved a number of actions:

  • Awareness-raising content was distributed to inform employees about the environmental impact of digital technology.
  • A quiz was set up to test participants’ knowledge and encourage them to adopt eco-responsible gestures.

And the results?

Employees from every subsidiary in Europe took part in the various actions, demonstrating their commitment to a more responsible digital world.

On the podium, in the participation ranking by subsidiary:
1. Cofidis Italia
2. Cofidis Slovakia
3. Cofidis Portugal
4. Cofidis Polska
5. Cofidis CZ.

Congratulations to the 10 winners with the most points:

With all the points accumulated via the quiz, Cofidis Group has also pledged to make a significant donation to the World Clean Up Digital association, which works for the digital depollution of the planet.

In addition to this initiative, Cofidis Group is committed to continuing its efforts to raise awareness and implement concrete actions to reduce its environmental impact.


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