World Cleanup Day 2023 : Cofidis Group


World Cleanup Day 2023: Cofidis Group in France in cleanup mode

World Cleanup Day 2023 is a global event aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing people to keep our planet clean. This year, Cofidis Group's French subsidiaries took an active part in this environmental effort, organizing a litter pick on campus and around the company. Particular attention was paid to the collection of cigarette butts, with the aim of continuing the "TchaoMégot" reflex.

Our employees work for a waste-free environment

On September 18, 2023, 30 Cofidis Group employees converged to take part in World Cleanup Day 2023, a global day dedicated to cleaning up our planet.

The result of this mobilization was not long in coming: a total of 297 kilograms of waste were collected. This initiative helped to brighten up our immediate environment, while raising awareness of the importance of cleanliness and waste management. Our congratulations and thanks to our employees for taking part in this wonderful initiative!

world cleanup day cofidis group

The clean up reflex, all year round and everywhere in the world

World Cleanup Day is an exceptional day, but at Cofidis Group we believe that commitment to a clean environment should not be limited to just one day a year.

In France, since last year, we have installed special ashtrays on campus in collaboration with TchaoMégot, encouraging our employees to dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly. The butts collected in our ashtrays will be transformed into thermal insulation for buildings and textiles.

Cofidis Group is also taking part in the digital World Cleanup Day in March. A week to delete useless or obsolete files and e-mails from both personal digital folders and shared servers. To achieve this, data cleaning tutorials are available to everyone.

Every little bit counts in preserving our planet, and we’re committed to continuing our “Cleanup” reflex throughout the year. Together, we can build a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly future.


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