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Cofidis France employees encouraged to show their intrapreneurial skills!

At Cofidis France, we believe that companies owe their growth to their employees and their ideas. In this spirit, Cofidis France sought to develop initiatives and intrapreneurship by working with Teamstarter. Teamstarter is a French internal crowdfunding platform lets each employee create and finance projects based on a dedicated budget set by the company.

The programme is based on a simple premise: too many good ideas never see the light of day in companies. At the same time, though, and more often than not, companies transform and develop future plans from ideas generated on the ground as well as through collective intelligence processes.

Cofidis France called on the expertise of the start-up, Teamstarter, in an effort to foster employee creativity and intrapreneurship. The objective? To provide employees with the resources needed to suggest and carry out projects that are close to their hearts. The programme uses an intuitive platform which allows employees to suggest and showcase their ideas. Each employee is also allocated a monthly budget of €10 and they may select which projects they would like to support. Fully financed ideas are rolled out by the project lead employee with expert support from Teamstarter.

Many types of projects emerge when you have a team of committed and motivated employees including employee and customer experience enhancement, business development, new ways of working, and eco-friendly and social initiatives.

One thing is certain: we will keep you up to speed on all of these incredible initiatives!


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